Thursday, October 20, 2011

Opinion & Analysis.

Our State.                                                     
"Men come out
of public rest room
stalls exhausted.
America has long
term military goals.
In China McDonald's
will be opening one
restaurant a day
for the next
four years."

"If two people stand pressed close, in time
their hearts will start to beat in unison,
and a tugboat can produce 3400
horsepower, and the line
that separates your lips
from the rest of you
is the Vermilion

"Cause I’m a man
and ain’t hard
to scare or break
in but am hard
to kill, I am
a cockroach,
it takes 3 thousand
primary colored plastic
balls of scuffed half
deflated variety and 1
scrambled dive for me
to lose my little boot
and Dad to crawl
belt-fisted in after
down the twisting
purple tunnels
past greasy grinned
Ronald McDonald.
I know my lesson.
I learned the second
my feet hit that ball pit.
But I will not go down
to dig up the boot.
There could be
baby rattlesnakes
inside. I seen
it happen once
on T.V."

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