Sunday, December 25, 2011

Customer Service

Some refuse to drink milk because of its atrocities
but forget those of fast food and financial institutions,
and shit stinks forever and we are running out of toilet

paper, to tell you the truth, I am getting older, and
am I boring, I need to travel another country, am I
immortal, all I talk about is drama at work, popular

media does not entertain me anymore, I have nothing
to show aside from some meager savings at a giant bank,
should I be volunteering at a food kitchen or for homeless

and you, common many in debt, smoking is no longer cool,
listen, our children chant Reduce Reuse Recycle everything
coated green, when you lose your mind, you will not know

which inbox to look in, there is no need to be concerned
with customer reviews, everyone does what they see fit
with their objects, I too vent my anger on Yelp! and shop

guilt free with fair trade and organic, I'm not worried
about dying, morticians are using less embalming fluid,
our bodies take twice as long to rot, we're still eatable

way past our expiration date, still, a piece of gum spit on
the ground will outlast a body by two hundred years at least.
Who do we shoot, occupy what, what do you do, I am an

aspiring- I wait on tables too, that's fine, where is my heart
attack, fuck my Nuva Ring, where is my land my buttermilk
my honey, order up!

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